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Reading List: Books

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

A list of books that everyone must read.

I'll update this list from time to time, adding books that I believe everyone should read (Not in any particular order).

Creativity Inc. (Amazon) | Ed Catmull

Ed is the president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation. In this book he tells the story of Pixar Animation Studio, starting from its initial days as a CGI department at Lucasfilm ("Star wars") to the most important animation studio in the world.

Pixar's movies, again and again, are becoming blockbusters. And the company itself broke several records. For example: "Toy Story ...became the largest Thanksgiving opening in history."

How come they are able to do it again and again? This is one of the questions the book is dealing with.

To me, the two most important parts in the book: are the the ones dealing with the "Braintrust" concept, and the development of the story. The initial draft of most of Pixar's movies is almost entirely different from the end result ("Why? Because early on, all of our movies suck."). The process for getting from A to B is their secret sauce.

From the book - "People who take on complicated creative projects become lost at some point in the process."

Read it? Tell me what you think of it.

The Rabbit Listened (Amazon) | Cori Doerrfeld

Yes, it's a children's book. But everyone should read it. It is a book that reminds us that sometimes the best way to be there for others when they need us, it just to be there when they need us.

I'll add here more book recommendations soon.

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